Stratford Padel Club

SPC Player Rating Matrix

The below player rating matrix is used by Stratford Padel Club to assess players’ levels regularly and add them to the most appropriate group of players. This will ensure good quality, competitive matches, and allow player progression. These guidelines outline the most critical components of amateur padel play performance, and advise on key areas for improvement to progress to the next level.

They are not suitable for self-assessment. They will only be used by our coaches to design Academy/Group lessons learning programmes, and individual player development roadmaps. Progression across levels will only be decided by coaches, following player assessment, which is free of charge and performed every 6 months for players that do not take any lessons; assessment will be more frequent, for those taking group and/or private lessons.

The level allocation is not subject to negotiation between players and coaches, under any circumstances, to ensure matches organised by the club remain competitive and of good quality.

More details on our player rating system and player progression can be found here: