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How Stratford Padel Club puts community at the heart of its operation


Watch out Wimbledon: padel is taking over [ ... ] Stratford Padel Club in east London, which I recently joined, has five courts and is adding another four this autumn.


The UK is lagging behind in supporting the scale and economic potential of growing sectors, including sports and recreation: Padel is a prime example

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The best padel tennis clubs in London, from singles' nights in Earls Court to AI gameplay in Canary Wharf

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Deloitte creates ‘Hackathon’ experience to show how AI can make padel more inclusivef

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Padel comes to Battersea later this year. Stratford Padel Club said they have seen a 400% increase in registered players in the past year alone [...]

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What is padel? 10 best courts in the UK + padel tennis rules. [...] So, for anyone interested in trying something new (or just curious why every man and his dog is talking about it)

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Anyone for padel? The unstoppable rise of tennis’ cool younger sister. [...] If you’re not tied to a particular corner of London (the majority are west), try Stratford Padel Club, the UK’s largest,

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The Padel Players’ Guide to Oral Hygiene: Tips to Boost Your Performance on the Court