Stratford Padel Club


No. We have non-member rates available on all our services. You just need to sign up to our website/app. The benefit of being a member is getting discounted rates (Example: for a peak time match a non-member pays £19, a member pays £13).

We offer four types of membership: Off peak membership, monthly by direct debit, 6 month and annual. You can find details in the membership section of the website and on the app. 

Our trial product is called Launchpad: it’s a 60min group session with a coach where you’ll learn the rules and the fundamentals of padel. You will also get a rating/level for you to join other activities at the club and 30 days of free membership. Just wear tennis/gym clothes, we’ll provide the racket.

Download the app and book now! 

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If you want to join matches/group training and academies at SPC you’ll need an SPC rating based on our Player Level Matrix (LINK). You’ll have to download the app and book a Starter Package: it’s a 30 min group session with a coach, where your skills will be assessed and assigned a level/rating. You will get 30 days of membership included and we will provide a racket for the session free of charge if you don’t have yours. 

Please be aware that even if you are in town only for few days/weeks you will have to go through the assessment if you want to play at SPC. Book now!

To join matches, you need to have a player rating from us, ratings are allocated by our coaches (Starter Package or Launchpad sessions) and cannot be based on self-assessment. Once you have your SPC level, please head to the section Open Matches on the app and join the most suitable match for you.

Courts can be booked online via our website, or through the Stratford Padel Club app. Availability is always up to date and bookings open 45 days in advance. Minimum bookings time is 90 min and that our booking system adjusts pricing based on the membership status of each player. At least one player will need to register on the app/website. If the other players are registered with us as well, they can be added to the booking.

Please be aware that padel is played in pairs and our matches are always doubles matches, therefore courts are priced accordingly. However, you can book a court at full price (for 4 people) if you want to just play with one other player. 

We also offer group training (Learn and Play for beginners, Train and Play for intermediate and advanced players) and 6 week Academies based on SPC rating.  We also offer private lessons, and they open to any players, without the need for an SPC rating.

Private lessons and Group training sessions can be booked through the app. For Academies instead please contact the club directly as start dates and availability can vary.

Yes, many of the skills are transferable. With some practice and coaching, you’d be able to reach a good padel level to allow you to play competitive matches. To see how we assess levels, please check our Level Guidelines here:

Our coaches are constantly watching matches during the day and will get your rating up if you match the requirements listed in our SPC Player Rating Matrix (link to the matrix here). In case you feel like you are ready to be promoted to a higher level, you can ask the staff on site to record your match and submit the request to the coaches who will discuss internally and let you know the outcome.

Yes, we can rent bats at £2.  You are free to take used balls from the baskets next to each court. 

On site we also have a shop: we sell cans of new balls on site, rackets and SPC branded t-shirts and shorts. We do not sell padel shoes.

Typical tennis/gym gear. However, we recommend using padel tennis shoes, rather than regular running shoes. Padel tennis shoes are closer to clay court shoes in grip and design. 

We run SPC tournaments (Open A, B and C based on level, Mixed and Ladies open to all levels). Registrations are open on the app 45 days before. We also run LTA tournaments Grade 1 and Grade 2 and the FIP RISE international tournament: registrations on the LTA website and FIP website.

Yes, we have junior sessions based on skills and age group twice a week. Price is £10 per session. If you want to arrange a private lesson parent and kids we can also do that, please get in touch to find out more.

Min age limit is 4 years, there is no upper age limit, we have players in their late 60s and 70s playing at the club on a weekly basis. 

Yes, we have concession prices for students, pensioners, nurses, police, firemen. 

  • Players under the age of 18 & full-time students get free membership (but no free off peak match included)
  • Over 60s,  Newham residents, firefighters, police and NHS get free off peak membership and 50% off if they sign up for a 6 or 12 months membership

Please get in touch with the club if you fall in any of those categories.

You can cancel any booking free of charge with more than 24h notice. However, we will charge you the price of your booking for any cancellations within 24h. In case of lesson, Group training and tournaments, you are able to cancel the booking directly through the app, in the section My Bookings (more than 24h in advance). 

In case of matches, you can cancel your participation in the section My matches: choose the match you want to withdraw from, click on the 3 dots next to your avatar, click “cancel participation”.

In this case you will have to find a substitute able to take your spot. The process is the following: go into My Matches, click on the 3 dots next to your avatar, choose “other options”, create a link, send it in the Whatsapp group you belong to.

Please remember that if nobody takes your spot, you are still required to show up and play or you will get charged for the full court (the money will be taken from your balance to refund the players of the match you didn’t attend).

In case of Train and Play/Socials and other group activities a no show will get charged between £33 and £90 depending on the type of activity.

Our club has 8 indoor courts and 1 roofed outdoor court. We have toilets, changing rooms and showers (we do not provide towels), open gym area for members, lockers for temporary use, table tennis, free wi-fi, bar, beer garden and kitchen open over the weekends, small parking area.

We are open every day from 8am and we close at 11:30pm Monday to Saturday, on Sunday we close at 10pm. 

Prices are different for bookings peak time and off peak: peak time is from 5:30pm to closing time.

If you have any questions we have not covered, feel free to contact us.