Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a member to play or take lessons at Stratford Padel Club?

No, the club is pay as you go, no membership required. However, the membership offers significant discounts, preferential rates and other perks.

What type of memberships do you offer?

We offer three types of membership: Monthly by direct debit, 6 month and annual membership. 

I never tried the sport, how can I test to see if I like it?

You can book a starter package online, which includes a 30 min coaching session for £10. This entitles you to one month free membership, which includes discounted matches, group lessons, social events and equipment.

I am a tennis/squash player, are the skills transferable?

 Yes, many of the skills are transferable. With some practice and coaching, you’d be able to reach a good padel level to allow you to play competitive matches. 

Do I always have to play doubles?

Yes, our matches are always doubles matches and courts priced accordingly. However, you can book a court at full price (for 4 people) if you want to just play with one other player.  

Do you do group lessons, or just private lessons?

We run a Padel Academy programme for different levels, programmes are either 6 weeks (beginners only) or 12 weeks (intermediate and above). Enquire at the club for start dates. We also offer private lessons. All lessons are available to members and non-members. 

Can I just book a court for me and my friends?

Yes, courts can be booked online via our website. Availability is always up to date. 

Can I play if I don’t have other 3 players to join me?

Yes, we organise matches suitable for your level. We just need to assess your level during your first visit to the club.  

How can I join matches?

You can join a match using the I’m in functionality on our website (via Client Access) or using MiCentro App (location Stratford Padel Club). The I’m in matches are organised by level. For log in details, please enquire at the club. 

I am not sure of my level, how can I make sure I join a match that is suitable for me?

We offer an initial free assessment of your level. We will then allocate a rating and place you in the right player group, so you can interact with fellow players at your level and start playing. We assess each player’s level every 6 months. 

I am in town only for a few days/weeks, can I still play?

If you’re in town for a short period of time, you can still come and play as a non-member. If you are in town for more than a month, it’s worth considering the monthly direct debit membership to benefit from discounts. 

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel any booking free of charge with more than 24h notice. However, we will charge you the price of your booking for any cancellations within 24h.

Can I just rent the equipment (bats and balls)?

Yes, we can rent bats at £3 for non-members and £2 for members. Used balls are free, new balls can be bought from the shop on site. 

What type of gear do I need to wear?

Typical tennis/gym gear. However, we recommend using padel tennis shoes, rather than regular running shoes. Padel tennis shoes are closer to clay court shoes in grip and design. 

What equipment do you sell in your shop?

We sell bats, grips, balls. We do not sell padel shoes.  

Do you rent padel trainers?

No, we do not.

Do I get ranking points for the tournaments or do I need to be an LTA Padel member?

If you are an LTA Padel member, you get ranking points for the Gold/Silver/Bronze tournaments played at our club. 

How do I register for LTA Padel Tournaments?

Registration need to be on the LTA Padel website. For LTA Padel Tournaments you cannot register directly at our club. However, we provide all the relevant information prior to each tournament on our social media (IG, FB and Twitter pages), so follow us. 

Do you do lessons for juniors?

Yes, please enquire at the club or via our contact us page

Could parents and children do lessons together?

Yes, we can organise lessons for parents and children. 

Are there any age limits?

Min age limit is 5 years, there is no upper age limit, we have players in their late 60s and 70s playing at the club on a weekly basis. 

Are the courts and the sport accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, our facilities are accessible for wheelchair users and one of our coaches is qualified to coach wheelchair users. 

Do you have concession prices for students, pensioners and other professions?

Yes, we have concession prices for students, pensioners, nurses, police, firemen. Please enquire at the club for details. 

Do you have changing rooms and shower facilities?

Yes, we do have changing rooms and shower facilities. 

What other services do you offer?

Our club has a bar area, tennis table, a cross fit gym and physio/massage facilities. 

How do I book physio, sports rehabilitation or massage services?

Booking details and pricing can be found in the website.

Could non-members use the gym?

Yes, non-member can use the gym, but a charge will apply, of £10/month. Members use the gym for free, as part of their membership of the club. 

What are the prices for table tennis?

Members pay £1/h, non-members pay £5/h.

What are the Peak times?

Monday to Friday: From 5:30PM until closure.

Saturday and Sunday: From opening until 5:30PM